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About Us

Catered Blessings began in the summer of 1998. Our first event was a baby shower for 90+ people. It was then that I, Tamara Josey, owner and chef discovered that I truly loved serving people. I also realized that while spending only a little of myself I could bring priceless joy to the hearts of my clients and their guests. I have done miraculous things from this home grown business and have enjoyed them all. Since then I have obtained my associates degree in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management with honors. Catered Blessings may have started small, but the desire to satisfy each of our clients needs is still very big.

Catered Blessings prides itself on providing a quality product to our customer for the very best price. Once your special event has concluded I want you to feel that not only the product and service you received was exceptional, but well worth if not excedant of the price paid for it. Catered Blessings believes each event is unique that is why we are never limited to items listed on the menu. Customizing our themed buffets and services to fit each client’s specific needs and budget is our specialty. We truly believe that no event is too small and every thought when guided with inspiration can turnout to be something great.

Catered Blessings later decided to shift its focus for awhile and explore the dessert side first. Thus the birth of Dessert First, it was here I really dove into the many wonderful flavor creations that make our fantastic mouth watering treats. Dessert First takes pride in knowing that they not only create desserts that look amazing but also taste it. Dessert First has taken age old family recipes and turned them into memories in your mouth. Expanding this venture into its own internet specialty coffeehouse cafe seemed to be the next logical step. Here Dessert First provides our customers with desserts, a la carte or whole made to order, specialty coffees and beverages, sandwiches, salads and soups, while still catering to the public. Catered Blessings will continue to branch out in the community bringing forth goodness through our foods and desserts.

At this time Catered Blessings and Dessert First only provide food and nonalcoholic beverage services. A sales representative will be happy to help guide you in the direction of any other services not provided by us. Please feel free to dream big and Catered Blessings will do everything possible to make it a reality.

Thank you for considering Catered Blessings for your catering needs and God Bless.

Tamara Josey

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